About Diana

Profile Diana is an entrepreneur and an inspirational person, who has learned to embrace her lessons on opportunity. She is skilled in many areas such as: Buying single family rental properties, HTML, CSS, Stress Management, Dementia Care, and Interior Design.

Educational Background MBA  – Simon School of Business Administration, BBA- Pace University, Certificate – Gernotology, Stress Management, Webpage Design – Middle Tennessee University,   Certificate - Interior Design – Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China.

Working Experience   : Bank executive, Financial director, Entrepreneur and a motivational and inspirational coach.

Volunteer Experience : President of a HOA in Kingspoint, Tamarac -Florida, Regional Coordinator Federation of American Woman Overseas, President – Kaoshiung Women Club Taiwan, Board Member - United Way, Junior Achievement, American Red Cross, Crossroad Hospice.

Smith Walsh is a Jamaican American and lived in 5 countries. She has traveled to over 35 countries, speak Mandarin, some Spanish, and Hungarian. She encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone and see how others lives around the world.

Diana provides her services in a no-nonsense, direct and non-threatening style, that is very useful to all her recipient.

She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her subject matter, and she encourages everyone with a “If I can do it, You too can do it too.”

Diana has an independent spirit and is very open minded. She is the caring daughter and wife, fun aunt, sister, cousin or good friend who many stay connected with, and is inspired by her outlook on life.

SmithWalsh is not your typical woman. She is constantly seeking challenging opportunities.


Diana SmithWalsh